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History & Timeline Of Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout is definately a must visit place in Sydney. Specially when you have limited time and would like to get bird eye an over all view of Sydney, Pylon Lookout will definately satisfy you. It is also an alternative to Sydney Bridge Climb which is bit too expensive. Pylon Lookout gives you similar experience like Bridge Climb for just $15.00, which is way cheaper than Harbour Bridge Climb and don't forget the 360 degree view of Sydney, beautiful Sydney Harbour, Sydney CBD, North Sydney, North Shore, Sydney Harbour Entrance, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Cronulla and you also see Bridge Climber struggling to climb the bridge. You are allowed to carry your camera and take multitude of photos and catpure memories at your will, but no cameras if you are climbing Harbour Bridge. View from Pylon Lookout is worth your money.

Timeline and History of Pylon Lookout
Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed and officially opened on 19th March 1932.
Pylon Lokout, South-East Pylon was opend for tourists in 1934.
It was closed between 1939 - 1945, during the World War II, was under Australian military and modified to include anti-aircraft guns.
All Australian Exhibition was open in Pylon Lookout in 1948.
Pylon Lookout was closed again for about 11 years from 1971 to 1982 as exhibition manager, Mrs Rentoul's lease expired.
It was re-opened in 1982 with exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversay of its opening.
It was closed again for the public in April 2000 for the installation of new exhibition by the Roads & Traffic Authority and BridgeClimb.
It was re-opened later that year in November 2000.
In May 2003 it was closed again for 1 month for the installation of of new exhibition and reopened the same year on 23 June 2003.

Today, Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia's most recognised as well as most photographed landmarks.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout
Pylon Lookout from Hickson Road, Dawes Point East.
Pylon Lookout
Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout
Pylon Lookout Sydney
Pylon Lookout, Harbour Bridge
Pylon Lookout, Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout from Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney