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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb or simply known as BridgeClimb is one of the things to do in Sydney Australia. BridgeClimb service started on 1 October 1998, since then over 3.5 million visitors from more than 137 countries and territories have climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge.
There has been more than 4,000 proposals at the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Anyone over the age of eight and in good health can climb the bridge. There is no maximum age limit as long as you can walk and in good health you are good to go, the oldest person to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge is 100 years old.
Bridge Climb takes about 3.5 hours from the start, which includes preperation, climb, descend and finsih back to the base. There are 14 people per group. If you are bit nerveous of height or the climb and would like more support from Climb Leaders, check with Bridgeclimb for suitable time, maybe do the climb at dawn.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
Climbers walking towards the bridge on their bridge climb mission
Climbing the south end of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Finally on top of the southern end of Harbour Brdige
Some climbers are climbing up and some are climbing down the bridge
On the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Conqured Sydney Harbour Bridge. What is next, Everest?
Climbing down the bridge from western end
Climbing down the bridge, just below the road level of the bridge
Climbers walking beneath the bridge towards their final steps of bridge climb
Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb